Population/Setting/Length: Elementary Ages, Home or School Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 3/1/17

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding


  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman Sphere – Student Leader/Student Counter. Compliments.
  • Pulse Count – Student Timer.  Compliments for Student Timer.
  • Leg Extensions/Foot Circle – Students lie on their backs as we talk about the Mountain Explorer Journey we are taking today.
  • Principle Discussion – Grounding – What do you think Grounding means?  Listen. Discuss.  Grounding –We bring our thoughts and our awareness to both the present moment and our physical bodies.
  • Journey – Last week we left off crossing a river in boats that we made from a log.  Let’s climb back into our strong, sturdy boats and take off on our Mounting Exploration Journey.


  • Boat Pose – As we row our boats across the river we come to a meadow.  Move to all 4’s.
  • Cat/Cow – We start to walking through the meadow filled with beautiful flowers, butterflies and bumblebees, we see cats and cows in the meadow.  We’ve never seen cats and cows together before and we are surprised to see them so friendly with each other.  Demonstrate Cat/Cow.  Ask student leader to lead 5 Cat/Cows.  Compliments.
  • Alternate Leg Kicks – Rotate from left to right several times.  Point ahead, look ahead, there is the mountain.
  • Downward Dog- We are lucky enough to be able to bring a faithful dog with us on our mountain journey today.  Imagine what your dog looks like.  Imagine if it’s a boy or a girl.  Imagine if they have short hair or long hair.  Imagine the color of your dog.
  • Forward Bend – We walk our hands up to meet our feet.  We take a second to tie our shoes.
  • Roots – We rise up slowly with our feet hip-width apart. We practice grounding by rooting our feet into the ground.  Imagine someone in your life who believes in you and supports you is holding your feet to the earth.  Your bodies are active and you feel strong.
  • Tree – Flow into tree pose, practicing with both legs.
  • Tree Circle – Come into a circle, a community tree circle.  Practice both legs as a community.
  • Compliment Game – Toss a ball in a circle, name names first then each person gives a person a compliment.
  • Mountain to Upward Mountain – Repeat several times as we climb the mountain.  Focusing on our bodies being strong and active.  We feel grounded and strong.
  • Crescent Moon – We’ve reached the top of the mountain!  The first thing we see is a beautiful crescent moon.  Demonstrate. Choose student Leader to lead us in 10 Crescent Moons, left to right.  Compliments.
  • Star – We notice how many more stars we can see being on top of a mountain.  Our hands are spread out like Rays of the Sun as our bodies stay strong, active, rooted, grounded.
  • Side Angle – We become shooting stars.  Left to Right, 4 times.
  • Volcano Breaths – The ground below us begins to shake and tremble.  We feel strong and safe and grounded so we are not afraid when we realize that we are not on just any mountain, we are on a volcano!  Demonstrate Volcano pose, focusing on the breath and the feeling of being grounded each time we exhale.  10 Volcano Breaths.  Let the children choose the color of their magical lava and have it cover their bodies making the feel strong safe and grounded.
  • Bridge – We find a bridge that will lead us back down into our boats.  Demonstrate Bridge and collectively count to 10 while we cross the long bridge.
  • Boat Pose – We are back in our strong, sturdy and comfortable boats where we began our journey.


  • Side Twist – Left and Right Side several times focusing on taking deep breaths.
  • Child’s Pose
  • Relaxation – Guided Meditation – The Boat Ride, modified to travel to a cottage on a mountain top.

Instructor: Michelle Finley

Mountain Explorer Theme

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