Instructor:  Anya Patton

Community: Elementary Ages, Counseling Group, 50-60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: October 1, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Academic/Therapeutic/Other Goals: Intro to Group and Yoga

Props/Music Resources required: Hoberman sphere, Drum, 2 to 3 balls/soft round toys, mindful moment card and music/ipod

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – Intro to Belly Breathing with Hoberman Sphere – Sitting on your mat, feel your back bone, your spine, length like someone is pulling you from the top of your head, from your crown. Hold your hand on your belly and blow your stomach up like this ball, the breathing ball. Stay still and grounded to your mat, like an old oak tree, feel the support of the earth! Watch the the ball and we will do 4 breaths together. Nice work! I like how solid and stable you all were. Would someone like to try to lead the group with the Breathing Ball while I drum?
  • Rules – Yoga Calm Ground Rules


  • Name Toss – Every one stand up in a circle. We are going to get to know each a bit better. We are going to toss the ball to eachother and play the name game, after a while we will add our favorite place to go in nature.
  • Volcano Breath – Bring your hands to your heart, breath in the mountain fresh air up into your nose slowly, as you raise your hands into the air like the branches of the tallest tree in the forest, as your move your hands outward, shower the earth with your leaves. Lets go ahead and cover the forest floor with 4 more breaths.
  • Rock N Roll – Now lie back and grab your knees, and with the power of your core, or body root, rock back and forth with strength, slowly, as if your massaging your back.
  • Mat 20 – We will go through each pose slowly, just as each part of the forest is important and unique so are each of you in this group. Be kind and nurturing to your body, we have plenty of time to get familiar with each pose during group. Allow yourself to grow steady and slowly, with powerful roots for each pose.


  • Pulse Count – Lets find our heart beat, our pulse. Like the rhythm of the drum in the beginning of class. Close your eyes and focus mind on the beating of your drum for 20 seconds.
  • Relaxation – Lie down and relax. I will read you a saying from a mindful moment card and after I read aloud, please stay relaxed for 2 more minutes. “Think of your favorite tree. Now imagine that you can plant that tree in a special place. Go to that place, dig a big hole and plant the tree. Imagine that you can see into the future and watch the tree grow tall”

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