Instructor: Julie Wiesner

Community: Counseling Group

Plan Creation Date: April 18, 2011

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:

Before class begins, play a game of mat tag together.


  • Belly breathing (lying down)
  • Pulse count (whisper your number to a neighbor)
  • Leg extensions (draw a sunny sky to share with your friends, paint a picture of a game you are playing outside together)
  • Mindful Moment: Think of all the people in your community who make your life better. You might think about the cooks, the people who collect the garbage, the teachers, people who grow food, the person who delivers your mail, your doctor and the people in the grocery store. Think of as many people as you can. How can you show these people that you appreciate the work they do?
  • Seated volcano breaths: Send heart thoughts to someone in your community

Activate (from Yoga Calm Top 10)

  • Wood Chopper: Imagine you are helping to chop wood with all of your neighbors, so everyone will have heat for the winter. You are an important part of the community.
  • Mountain (have students stand close together, like a mountain range)
  • Roots
  • Modified Dancer
  • Yoga Handshake/partner pull (page 80)
  • Trust Walk/Sensory Adventure: Discussion about leading, following, trusting and being trustworthy


  • Breathing with Hoberman using volunteer. Compliments.
  • Twist
  • Guided meditation: “The Complete Meal” from p. 86 of Ready…Set…R.E.L.A.X.).
  • Take five minutes to let each child write a thank you note to someone who did something kind for them.

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