Instructor: Loretta Steckelberg

Community: ???

Plan Creation Date: July 14, 2011

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:

Materials needed: Yoga Calm Posters, Mats, Milk Cartons (two per child) for activity


Belly Breathing

Pulse Count

Read MindfulMoments: Think of a friend who listens to you. How does that person make you feel? How can you tell they are listening carefully to you?


Volcano: Send thoughts to your friend.

Partner Pull: Partner with a classmate and hold each other’s right wrist, step back 1-2 feet, bend knees and sit back until back is flat and thighs are almost parallel. Gently pull, stretching the right side, breathe in and out, repeating on other side.

Back Drawing: Lead students through drawing – gentle rain, light thunder, lightening, puffy rain clouds, brush them away, sun coming out, flowers growing, whisper or draw a special gift you are giving that person.


Have students create cubes from the milk cartons: cut the top off, slide cartons together, cover with paper, use pictures or words on sides to depict the following on each side.

1)    Name, age, birthday, where you were born, description of self (this one is necessary)

2)    Family or cultural information (optional)

3)    Favorite things (optional)

4)    Personality (optional)

5)    Future goals (optional)

6)    Something about yourself others may not know (optional)

7)    Important memories (optional)

These cubes can be used to learn about others in their class (Venn diagrams) or to create discussion.

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