Instructor: Jeanette Johnsson

Community: ???

Plan Creation Date: December 13, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:

(When planning this class I’m seeing it to be in a class where the students have gotten to know each other)

In the classroom: Anjali CD

In today’s yoga class we will focus about community. What does community mean for you? Can you think of a time that you spent with friends and loved ones when you felt really supported? What did they do to help you feel wanted loved and supported?

Go around a circle and each child say his/hers name and act out her favorite thing to do. The next person acts out what the person before acted out then says his/her name and act out his/her favorite thing to do. The following child then acts out the favorite things the former two children had acted out and then says his/her name and then act out his/her favorite thing to do, etc.

We go to our mats:

* Breathing Sphere

* Pulse Count

* Volcano Breath: Since the theme is community, let’s think about someone you love, someone that means a lot to you, and send thoughts to that person.

+ Share + compliments to demonstrator

Partner up:

* Back Breathing — Child in Childs pose

With the Breathing Sphere you worked on stilling yourself — now feel how it feels to help still your friend.

* Shoulder Clock

* Partner Pull

* SeeSaw (remember that yoga is not a competition, it’s not about how far down you can lower your body, it’s about feeling your body.)

On your own mat:

* Mountain 

* Lunge (Right leg forward)

* Warrior II – Step to Mountain

* Lunge (Right leg back)

* Warrior II (Flip back palm, so it faces up, and think about someone who has helped you in the past)

* Downward Dog to Forward Bend (shake head yes & no)

* Mountain

* Tree Pose

* Eagle

* Form a circle and do this sequence: Tree – Eagle  Warrior 3 (fly the eagle)  then repeat on other side  Tree  Eagle  Warrior 3. Go back to Tree Pose with me being the challenger (monkey in the tree). Talk about how trees support each other and shield each other from the wind.

+ Finish with acting out the Breathing Sphere in a big circle.

Back to mats:

* Cat & Cow

* Rock and roll

* Twist on the back

* Relaxation:

Imagine how you walk up and go outside of this house. There is a big and beautiful hot air balloon. You go closer and jump into the carrier. On the other side of the road you see your friend. You wave and yell to her — “come here. Join me on an adventure!”. Your friend jumps in and off you take. It’s a warm summer day. The air is full of the scent of newly cut grass and roses — pink, red and yellow roses are in full bloom. The rose flowers are getting smaller and smaller. Now they are just like a tiny button — and now you can’t see them at all. You are slowly flowing in the air, waving to some white seagulls flying by. You tell your friend that you are happy that s/he is on this trip with you and you tell your friend what it is that you like about him or her……. Then your friend shares why you are such a terrific friend…….. The nice and warm words make you feel happy……In the hot air balloon there is a panel. You see different buttons and decide to press the one that will bring you safely home….. Happy back in the yard you say goodbye to your friend. “See you soon”. You walk through the door, take the steps downstairs and are back here in this cozy room on your yoga mat. Breathing deeply into your belly……Wiggle your fingers and your toes….roll over to your right side… your hand over your heart and feel all the people that love and support you.

* Mindful snack: Tea + healthy cracker + slice of apple (+compliments to the partner you had during partner poses).

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