Instructor: Maria Drennen

Community: Classroom Setting??, Ages/Grades??

Plan Creation Date: December 4, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


  • Animal Cards — Choose an animal you want to focus on today. It should be an animal that you think is strong. Share how that animal represents strength to you. How does the animal show its strength?
  • Belly Breathing — With eyes closed and laying comfortably on your mat, envision that animal in your mind’s eye. Reach out and touch that animal. Know that you are safe and that this animal will not harm you. Explore the animal’s texture: its face, its back, its fur or feathers. Notice how the animal loves your touch. This animal has something it wants to show you. Climb onto its back and wrap your arms around its neck, knowing your animal will keep you safe. As the animal begins to walk, notice how you can feel its strength in your own body. As it picks up speed, feel the strength coursing through your blood; you feel strong, energized, alive, free! Allow the animal to take you to a special place. Where is that place? The animal has a message for you. Listen for the message. Hug your animal and thank it for its love and strength. Say goodbye to your animal and know that you can return anytime you like to hear messages from your dear friend.


  • Mountain — As you stand and come into this pose, feel that strength still coursing through your body. Press your hands together at heart and feel your inner strength. Be a mountain that no storm could move. Know that you are strong and can get through any storm in your life.
  • Forward Bend
  • Warrior I — Who looks up to you as their warrior? Be strong for them.
  • Mountain
  • Star
  • Warrior II — Past/Present/Future Activity
  • Mountain
  • Forward Bend, Downward Dog, Cobra
  • Superman — Activate your strength. Pull your muscles and entire being into your core/your center. How does it feel be strong? Know that you are strong enough for anything that comes your way.


  • Child — As they relax into child’s pose, ask them to remember a time when they have been strong in their childhood. Remember the way they looked and felt as this strong child.
  • Bridge — Who are they strong for? Who do they support?
  • Relaxation — 2 minute exploration to integrate their thoughts and emotions related to strength.

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