Instructor:  Lynn Marrs

Community: Ages/Grades?, Setting?

Plan Creation Date: April 1, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Academic/Therapeutic/Other Goals: An opportunity for students to experience their inner strength. Also an opportunity for them to experience their physical strength in an appropriate, positive and pro-social manner.

Lesson Plan:


  • Hoberman Sphere Breathing – Student lead with one student expanding and contracting sphere while another student counts the breaths. “Sit up nice and tall. Put your feet on the floor and your bottom in your chair. Notice how you are breathing. Now deepen your breathing so your belly gets big on the inhale and small on the exhale. Let’s breathe together following the movement of the sphere for five times.”
  • Opening Remarks – “What are some ways that you feel powerful? What are some ways that you show you are powerful? What happens when you show your power in those ways? Which of these ways gives your power away to others? What would it be like to feel powerful and not get in trouble when you use your power? Today we are going to learn some ways we can use our body and our minds to feel and be powerful. When we use our body and minds in these ways to be powerful, we can be powerful and be in control without getting into trouble. Let’s start with a demonstration. Who wants to see if I can tip them over from standing? (Start with student standing with feet together and demonstrate how easy it is to push student over. Tell class that with a few changes that student can stand in a way that will make it almost impossible for me to push them over, even if I push three times harder. Instruct volunteer to stand with feet hip-width apart, tighten his/her muscles against his/her bones and stand tall and straight. Attempt to push student over again. Ask student what felt different the second time from the first time.)


  • Mountain – Plant your feet in the earth, root the four corners of your feet feel the roots grow deep into the ground. Stay strong in your legs, holding your body strong and lift your heart up. Keeping the four corners of your feet planted in the earth, activate your body and reach up toward the sky with strong arms into
  • Upward Mountain – Next bring your arms to the ground in a
  • Forward Bend – Relaxing your head, neck and arms. Bring your arms back up to the sky and place your right knee to the mat. Bring your left leg out in front of you to a
  • Bent Knee Lunge – (right leg back) Open your chest and feel your strength as you bring your hands down to the mat and step back into a
  • Downward Dog – With feet hip width apart, hands shoulder width apart. Plant the four corners of your palm. Hold here and notice the power in your body. Feel your strength as you draw your body forward lining your shoulders over your wrists into
  • Plank – Pull all your muscles tight and remember to breath. Gently lower yourself to the mat. Place your hands by your chest, press hips to the floor and slide your chest forward between your hands into
  • Cobra – From here, press your hands and feet into the mat and lift your sits bones up and move to
  • Downward Dog – With your hands and feet planted squarely on your mat and your muscles held strong. Remember to breath. Bring your right foot forward and your left knee to the mat in a
  • Bent Knee Lunge – (right leg forward) Lift your arms high and long toward the sky. Make your body feel longer and stronger. Next come to a standing position and bend at the waist in a
  • Forward Fold – Allow your head and neck to relax and be heavy. Shake your head yes and no and let your arms hang loose. Activate your muscles again and bring your arms up over your head and sit back into
  • Chair – As you stand up out of chair, keep your muscles tight and your arms high as you stand in
  • Upward Mountain – Take a deep breath and bring your hands together down to your heart.
  • Mountain – Stand in Mountain and notice how strong your body is and thank it for all that it does for you.
  • Archetype Game – Social/Emotional Activity


  • Relaxation – Amaze Yourself, page 100, Relax.calm or High Expectations, page 86, Relax.calm

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