Instructor:  Renee Combs

Community: Ages/Grades?, Setting?

Plan Creation Date: January 14, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Goal: This lesson will teach students how to use strength in a positive way. The intention, or goal, of this lesson is for students to realize the importance of using strength in a positive manner to discover their full potential.

Lesson Plan:


  • Chair Flow 15 (p.157)
  • Opening Remarks – We want to find our strength and use it in positive ways to help us become better people. When we use strength in a positive way it can help us become more confident feel good about ourselves. It can help us make better choices, and others will respond to us more positively.


  • Star Pose – “Open your arms wide using your energy to shine out your strength.”
  • Warrior 2 – “Find the warrior within you and reach arms long and strong front to back.”
  • Side Angle – “Use your warrior energy to reach forward and lunge down, strengthen your other arm as you reach up to touch the sky.”
  • Warrior 1 – “Bring your arms forward and turn lower body toward the front of the room, using your leg strength as you come into Warrior 1.”
  • Crescent Moon –“ Use your power to Straighten your back leg as you bend into your front lunge while reaching arms up long and strong.”
  • Bent Knee Lunge –“Drop into bent knee lunge and hinge hips back for hamstring stretch.”
  • Mountain Pose – “Lift up and bring yourself back to powerful standing Mountain Pose.”
  • Star Pose – Repeat on other side stepping back opposite direction into Star Pose.


  • Strong Voice – Talk about how your strong voice can help you be assertive, but calm
  • Changing Channels – Talk about how being strong allows us to change the channel
  • Discussion – Did you feel your breathing change in different situations during the activities? What does it mean to channel our strength and how can it help us in a positive way?
  • Relaxation – Relaxation Story with visit to a strong person.
  • Strong Voice Worksheet (p. 123) – Share with class

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