Instructor:  Nicole Herlofsky

Community: Ages/Grades?, Setting?, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 14, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Materials: Music, speaker, chairs, food, paper and pens

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – lying on back.
  • Pulse Count – prompt clients to feel the stillness between beats.


  • Chair Flow – Yoga based activities – Mountain to Mountain. Hold poses a little longer and prompt clients to feel the stillness in each pose.
  • Mindful Snack – Social/emotional activity


  • Discussion – What did you notice when eating mindfully? What does it mean to be “mindful.” What are ways we can be more mindful. Suggest finding triggers to be mindful and breathe such as stop signs.
  • RelaxationChanging Channels – Lying on chair or with head forward on table do changing channels exercise. Finish with chair twist then 4 min silent journaling exercise.

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