Instructor:  Renee Combs

Community: Ages/Grades?, Setting?

Plan Creation Date: January 14, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Goal: This lesson will allow students to experience what stillness feels like. The intention, or goal, is that students become aware stillness and how it can help them be more productive, mentally and socially.

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – on back
  • Imagination Exploration – A time of stillness – “Imagine sitting in the woods, being quiet and still, while you take in all that nature has to give”
  • Opening Remarks – We can control are feelings and emotions when we are in touch with our mind. If we practice how to become still and focused, it will help us when we face challenges.


  • Child’s Pose – “Close your eyes and feel what it’s like to close down”
  • Downward Dog – “Stretch into down dog” – walk legs through into…
  • Seated Forward Fold – “Lengthen up with arms, long, strong, quite stretch forward”
  • Boat – “Find your boat and imagine a boat sailing silently through the water”
  • Rock and Roll – “Bring yourself in and rock back and forth on the water”
  • Boat -“ Back to stillness in boat” – find yourself on your back …..
  • Twist – “Slow twist to the right and then to the left, quieting your breath”
  • Stretch Out – relax into Shavasana with eyes closed
  • Trust Walk – Social Emotional Activity – Talk about what builds trust between people, how can we gain trust of someone, and how do we give trust? Think about how trustworthy you are.


  • Discussion – When might it be useful to become still and strong? What animal do you think of when you think of stillness, focused, and strong?
  • Relaxation – Students lay on back with eyes closed listening to Relaxation Story with facts about eagles. Think about an eagle when it is soaring through the sky, is it quiet? How does it represent stillness?

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