Instructor:  Alyson Johnson

Community: Ages/Grades?, Classroom Setting, 1 hour

Plan Creation Date: November 8, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Academic Goal: Emphasize Human Anatomy for Anat & Phys students

Props: 3 fake tea lights surrounding a vase of agates in water.

Music: Drumming CD, play out of laptop with speakers.

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – Meet on the mat. Sit in cobbler’s pose. Breathe fully for 1 minute. Notice the strength of the body holding itself still.
  • Forward Fold – Walk arms forward, hanging head down. Take fold to the right and the left.
  • Volcano Breaths – 3 Seated volcano breathes.


  • Table – Bring body to table
  • Cat Cow
  • Down Dog –strong arms, strong feet and legs, solid core. Think of a time you felt really strong and hold that image in your head now.
  • Lunge – Step into lunge -> Warrior I. You a warrior here, ruling your mat. Stretch arms proudly to the sky. Root legs down to engage your leg muscles. Lift your sternum as you fill your lungs.
  • Warrior II -> Reverse warrior – > Triangle -> Lunge -> Plank
  • Plank – Slow plank to the floor. Feel the strength in your arms, your abs, your glutes, and your mind.
  • Baby cobra -> Child’s pose – > Table – > Down dog – > lunge -> forward fold – > Stand in mountain.
  • Repeat – Sit into chair, then repeat above sequence. Stop at child’s pose
  • Child’s pose
  • Seated leg stretches – > Roll onto back
  • Boat – > Up dog


  • Lay on back – hugging one knee at a time towards body.
  • Full body stretch – on back.
  • Come to relaxation pose.
  • Breathing – Take 3 breaths together.
  • Relaxation – Notice how your body feels. Celebrate the work you have done. Notice how strong your body felt when you challenged yourself. Think of a time you felt strong. What were you doing? It could be today in yoga, if could be a day you chose not to fight, it could be a day you stood up for a friend, or a time you resisted temptation. What did your body feel like in this moment? What did you mind tell you? How were you breathing? Notice the strength you felt inside.
  • Chime – Listen for the bell. Slowly roll to the right. Come to seated. Peace in our thoughts, peace in our words, and peace in our actions.

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