Instructor:  Alyson Johnson

Community: Ages/Grades?, Classroom Setting, 1 hour

Plan Creation Date: November 21, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Academic Goal: Build community among students.

Props: 3 fake tea lights surrounding a vase of agates in water.

Music: Reiki by Deuter, play out of laptop with speakers.

Lesson Plan:


  • Breathing – Meet on the mat. Sit in cobbler’s pose. Breathe fully for 1 minute. Notice the feeling you have when you reach your mat.
  • Belly Breathing – 5 breaths.
  • Volcano Breath – 1 Seated volcano breathe. Today, think of someone you care about and send your positive energy their way.


  • Table – Bring body to table
  • Cat Cow
  • Down Dog
  • Step into lung -> Feet together, forward fold. Roll up into mountain.
  • Crescent Moon – Lean towards the right, then lean to the left (all in a circle), then arms down to heart center.
  • Star –Pull energy into center, and then stretch out through your fingers and toes, sending positive energy to your neighbor.
  • Tree Circle – Step into center on step. Tree circle. Try without touching hands, then with hand connections. Compare our strength.
  • Star Galaxy – Tip from tree into star, notice how we are all a galaxy of stars (and I teach astronomy right now : )).
  • Mountain – Back to mountain.
  • Shoulder Clock – Find a partner. Should clock. Back to mountain
  • Forward fold – to seated.
  • Community Circle Activity – Grab pencils for all, move into community circle activity.
  • End with Down Dog, Updog, child’s pose.


  • Lay on back – hugging one knee at a time towards body.  Full body stretch on back.  Come to relaxation pose.
  • Breathing – Take 3 breaths together.
  • Relaxation – Think of the people that define your community. What do your friends and family do that makes you feel part of a community? How is MERC part of your community? Think of your first day of school here. So many names to learn, rules to follow, and places to find. Now think of where you are at today. Think of how many names you have learned. Who have you come to when you had a question? How have you been a positive part of our community? Each time you meet a new student, think about how you felt your first day at MERC. How can you make new students feel welcome? How does helping others make you feel?  Sit with that feeling of helping others. Let it shine to your fingertips. Remember standing in a tree circle, and remember how strong we were when we supported each other.
  • Music – Quite music time.
  • Bell – As you come back to awareness, notice the community that surrounds you. Bring yourself to seated, shining positive energy out to your community.  Peace in our thoughts, peace in our words, and peace in our actions.

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