Instructor: Renee Carrillo

Community: ???

Plan Creation Date: July 31, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing  Hands on your belly, feel the belly move as you inhale and exhale.
  • Pinwheel Breath – Inhale through the nose, open your lips slightly, as if you are whistling. Slowly exhale, trying to move the pinwheel in a steady circle. Bring the oxygen into your body when you inhale and count how long you can exhale slowly to make the pinwheel move without having to gasp for air.


  • Changing Channels – Close your eyes and pay attention to what your mind is thinking about; we’re going to change the channel in our minds and think about something different:
    1. Opening your favorite birthday present
    2. Having lunch with someone special
    3. Participating in the Olympics
    4. Playing in a water fountain
  •  Cat/Cow
  •  Downward Dog
    • Walk the feet/Steady the feet
    • Raise the R leg/Raise the L leg
    • Hold the pose
  • Forward Fold Rag Doll – Let the arms hangs, sweep arms from side to side like an elephant’s trunk.
  • Trust Walk – Touching index fingers, guide person safely around the room without voices; stop and let group being led guess who lead them. Switch roles for the group, finding someone different to lead.
  • Dancer – Imagine there is a photographer in the room and try to keep your body still so the photographer can take a picture of you.
  • Roots
    • Move forward and back, keeping your feet planted on the ground, slow the movement until you become still
    • Sway from side to side, slowing until you are still again
    • Circle to the R, make the circles smaller and become still
    • Circle to the L, make the circles smaller and become still
  • TwistKnees L, look R Knees R, look L


  • Back Breathing – 60 to 90 seconds of back breathing. Pair up with the first person that leads you on a trust walk and have that person come to child’s pose; switch roles for 60 to 90 seconds with the same person.
  • Relaxation – Close your eyes and imagine walking through a large field of flowers. A beautiful butterfly lands on a flower in front of you. You bring yourself to stillness so you can see what the butterfly looks like. Keeping yourself calm and focused on the butterfly, you are able to get a closer look at all of the wonderful colors on the wings. You notice there are many different patterns and that both wings are alike. Your eyes are like a microscope that makes everything appear larger. You can see the fine hairs on the body, and the way the eyes sparkle like the sun shining on a lake.  There is movement from side to side as the butterfly dips its feet into the center of the flower and begins collecting nectar. While you are watching this beautiful butterfly, you begin to realize how lucky you are to experience such a great event. After some time, a gentle breeze begins to move the flowers back and forth. Slowly the butterfly’s wings begin to flap, lifting the butterfly up into the air. You watch in amazement as it flies above the field of flowers once more. You continue on with your walk through the flowers, keeping in mind the patterns and the colors of the butterfly’s wings.
  • Hands to Heart Center
    • Heart – Compassion
    • Mouth – Kind Words
    • Forehead – Positive Thoughts


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