Instructor: Tammy Cardoza

Community: ???

Plan Creation Date: June 16, 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness??

Curriculum Lesson Goal: Establish a routine and lay the ground work for class expectations and goals.

Lesson Plan:

Introductions:  Name Toss, Yoga Calm ground rules, Fill out “About Me” questionnaire.  (this is something I do with new students)


  • Stillness:  Hoberman Breathing
  • Listening:  Pulse count. Talk about activities that make your heart rate go up or how sometimes strong emotions elevate the heart rate.
  • Grounding:  Tall Mountain Pose and Volcano breath.


  • Strength:  Rock and Roll-the kids always love to start with this and then we challenge each other to stay in boat pose or balance on the spine and count together.
  • Community:  Compliments after someone leads.  I have the students stay up in the lead position and ask if anyone would like to give a compliment and let the leader choose who gives the compliment.


  • Final Relaxation:  I have the students lay on their backs with their hand on their bellies and we practice deep belly breathing.  I then come around and put eye pillows on and blankets if they want them.  The first time we do this, I start out with a small amount of time and guide them through a progressive relaxation.

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