Instructor: Andrea Burke, M.S. Ed.

Community: ???

Plan Creation Date: June 2009

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Breathe with Hoberman. Relax and focus on your breath. How does your body feel? How is your heart feeling? When you relax and pay attention to your body and emotions you are listening. What is your body and heart saying? Is there a part of your body that feels tight or sore? Are you excited, happy, sad, about anything? Maybe you feel just restful and balanced. Share if you wish.


Changing Channels: Activates imagination. Often in school there comes a time when you will be challenged to write an imaginative story. Changing channels is an exercise that uses your imagination. Shut your eyes and engage your inner movie screen – your imagination. What can you see, hear, feel, smell? Can you imagine or replay something from your day? [have students share]. Now I am going to change the setting and I want you to imagine the setting;I am only going to provide a few setting details – you have to fill in all the details with your powerful imagination:

  • You are waking up and getting ready for school
  • You and sibling or friend are playing a ball game outside
  • You are sitting down with your family to have your favorite dessert
  • You are petting your new pet…
  • You are walking along a mountain path, a creek nearby….
  • You are listening to your favorite song on the radio or iPod
  • You are climbing up in a treehouse….
  • How may using your imagination to help you with school?


  • Rock and Roll
  • Side Angle
  • Roots
  • Tree

Compliment Game: Surely the most difficult kind of listening we need to do is listen to others opinions about ourselves. Both criticism and compliments are difficult for most of us to accept. Make a circle, one person in center. Receives compliments. Eye contact. Thank you. Do as many people as are ready to come in center.


  • Lie Down. Belly breathing. Quiet listening. What did you enjoy in today’ s class? Check in with your heart and body again: how are you feeling? Try to take a slow deep breath and with your imagination direct to the place in your heart or body that needs attention. Listening can help you know how to take care.
  • Literature, Music Connection: Play with Me (book), “Listen, listen, listen to your heart’s song” (song)

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