Instructor:  Desirée Gruber

Community: Ages??, Setting??

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Lesson Plan:


  • Discussion – Start with a discussion about how many like to play video games, surf on the internet (Facebook), watch TV? How many like to play outside with friends, take hikes in nature, go Geocaching or go bike/scooter/skateboard riding?
  • Belly Breathing – with sphere for 10 counts – allow student to lead with sphere
  • Pulse Count – 15 seconds
  • Leg Stretch


  • Mat 20 – 3x with leading/compliments
  • Arm Swings – with Positive Self Talk (page 60)
  • Forward Bend (p. 76)
  • Downward Dog (p. 55) – Alignment Principles: trace square on hand, spread fingers and press out through the fingertips and the palm knuckles where fingers & palm meet.
  • Plank (Page 82) – Press out through head and heels. Use block. Alternate leg lifts. Variation: Try side plank
  • Superman (page 89) – reach out strongly through arms and legs. Variation: Lift opposite arm and leg for brain balancing
  • Bridge (p. 67) – Variation: Stretch one leg straight out and parallel to floor, then switch.
  • Ask – what is different about what you feel right now as opposed to watching TV, reading magazines, playing on your iTouch or iPad? How are the sensations in your body different? How does your body feel when you finish watching TV for a long time, or playing on your electronics? How does your body feel now? Have you ever heard of being in your head and not in your body?

Social/Emotional Activity

  • Tree Challenge I & II (p. 92) – Integration: Ask students what helped them – use their examples of how to stay centered when others are challenging or harassing. Write down their examples. Is it easier for you to be around people, or play video games by yourself? Why? Is it challenging or overwhelming to interact with other kids or adults? Repeat the challenge allowing students to use other students’ strategies and positive self-talk. (challenging each other to be our best.)


  • Twist (page 95)
  • Relaxation – “Something from Nothing” from Ready Set Relax (p. 164)
  • Read “Nothing to Do” by Peter Spiers


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