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Instructor: Kiel Alward

Community: Ages?, Counseling Center Setting, 50 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 27, 2015

Therapeutic Goals: Foster listening skills in children, guiding them to hear both external and internal cues. Create a safe space for self-expression and foster connection in children to different sides of themselves.

Props: Hoberman sphere, chimes, yoga mats, Mindful Moments cards

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


For new children joining – Share your name, something you’re looking forward to in this group, and something you’re unsure about; review rules and expectations


  • Ring Chimes – and listen for the end of the sound (kids participate and lead)
  • Belly Breathing – with glow-in-the-dark Hoberman Sphere (kids participate and lead)
  • Mindfulness Activity – 3-2-1 (see, hear, feel)


  • Pulse Count – for 30 seconds, then run in place and count again, then music and deep breathing and count again
  • Yoga Sequence – focused on listening
  • Archetype Game – children spread out around the room, each in a squatting position, then on a slow count to 4, grow into a statue that represents a specific character. With music playing, ask kids to move the way their character would move. We say “freeze,” and each child stops and squats again. Trickster (sneaky self), Warrior (fierce), Prince/princess (pride and elegance), Wise King/queen (stepping into responsibility), Monster (scary self), Angel (kind and giving self), Bear in a cave (alone), Clown (silly self), Peaceful one (quiet and reflective), Courageous Explorer (facing challenges)


  • Relaxation – with one-minute vacation
  • Chime – with listening (kids participate and lead)
  • Listen and reflect on two Mindful Moments cards

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