Instructor:  LauraRose Hisrich

Community: Ages?, Community Housing School Aged Free class, 45-60 Minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 22, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Academic/Therapeutic/Other Goals: Review and practice using each other’s names/learn new kids. Practice last week’s activities, but add a “community” twist to each. Do a new partner pose.

Props/Music Resources Required: Snack, Mats, Hoberman Sphere, Drum/Mallet, R.E.L.A.X. book, music & CD player (be sure correct music is loaded & it works before starting class! Have it playing as they enter)

Before Class: Labels/markers for names. Set out snacks if available. Move tables. Dust mop/ vacuum floor. Mats & bricks set out with nametags for those here last week. Other props at front. On entry have kids sign in, remove shoes, color nametags if new this week, get contact info from parents if available. If snack is available they can just eat it now at the table! Kids who brought back contact form get a sticker for their nametag! And a shining star note.

Lesson Plan:


  • Circle Up / Greeting – Min 0-10 – Shake hands and say hi to neighbor–use their names. Point out the word on my board and ask kids what they think COMMUNITY is. Be positive about responses! Teach “high fives all around”- Pause music.
  • Ground Rules – Super Duper Quickly Review ground rules and principles (on poster).-HAVE VOLUNTEERS READ THEM–ask last week’s “experts” to expound.
  • Belly Breathing – Min 11-17 – Resume music, settle on bottoms – belling breathing with Hoberman Sphere: My turn first. Remember, someone who works hard the whole time will get a turn at the end! We are going to breath slowly and deeply– down “into our bellies” through our noses with our mouths closed. Today I want you to try to notice how we are all breathing together. How does it feel when everyone in our group or community is feeling calm and breathing together like this? Demonstrate, and practice 3. Who here is a good count-er? I need help to keep track. Demonstrate how to count when it just closes. Do 3 breaths with coaching. Compliment count-er – Have student model and count. Compliments – Giving compliments is a way to help everyone in our community feel important and good about themselves, isn’t it? Pause music
  • Pulse Count – review Pulse Count: Anyone know what a pulse is? Demonstrate how to find it. Does everyone get it? Today, again, we all just feel our pulse for a few moments. You need to sit in perfect stillness and listening for this.–Do about 10 seconds. Is yours fast or slow? Compliment good community behavior/respect. If kids having trouble they can just feel their heartbeat in their chest!


  • Top 10 – Min 18-36 -Today we are going to continue to review the “moves” or poses that we will eventually put into a whole sequence or string called a flow, –these are from a flow called “the TOP 10.” We learn we have to take baby steps at first, to be sure everyone is included, so we can have fun and hopefully get to do all 4 poses and then a game!
  • Roots – (pg 85) – I love roots. Ask who knows what roots are. Like trees in a forest–a community of trees!
  • Mountain – (pg. 79) – Review drum speed–try 6 beats. Often mountains come in groups called a range–let’s make a community mountain range in a circle and imagine a big lake in the middle with lots of sailboats and little people swimming in it having fun together.
  • Woodchopper – (pg. 100) – Review/practice for 3. Who will you share your firewood with? Have you ever sat around a fire with people important to you? Then have a child pick number of shops between 3 & 6 and lead while I count off from their spot.)
  • Crescent Moon – (Pg 96) – Did you know that people all over the world can see the moon at night? Our whole big world community of people and animals all look at the same moon every night! How do you feel when you see the moon? Stretch to the moon.
  • Dancer – do as individuals for teaching, demonstration. Then quickly move into
  • Partner Dancer – Maybe just try being a support today–not BOTH doing pose. Was it easier with a friend or by yourself?
  • Name Toss – Ok to ask if you forget someone’s name. Stop at 2 items again today–it can be a challenge to do more in the future.


  • Pulse Count – Min 37-40 – Sit back on bricks. Resume music. Let’s see if it’s different, after now that we have activated our bodies. Demonstrate how to find it again. Does everyone get it? Today we all just feel our pulse for a few moments. You need to sit in perfect stillness-Do about 10 seconds. Is yours fast or slow? Is it the same or different than before? Sepnd some time this week looking for and feeling your pulse at different times of day
  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman Sphere – Sit on bricks. Pick a well behaved child to do the sphere–& pick a more active child to count if s/he has been good! Remind everyone to listen to all of us breathing together Pick a number between 3 and 8. DO it. Compliments to helpers. How do you feel? Did you listen to your body/breathing along with the other kids in the class? Anyone want to share?
  • Relaxation – Min 41-47 – It’s important to let our bodies soak up the things it has learned, so we always end with a little relaxing time. You can lie any way you want on your mat/use your brick as a pillow etc. Try to close your eyes so you don’t get distracted by things around you. You need to be still and listening, then I’ll tell you a story. Story from RELAX book: Around the World pg 144 – Gently sit up. Does anyone want to tell us about their trip? Is there someplace you dream of going to meet new people?
  • Clean-up – Min 47-55 – Part of being in a community is taking care of the resources or things there. Taking care of our equipment is part of that, too. Clean up mats and bricks, Say goodbye to each child by name and ask what their favorite part was. Tell them that you look forward to seeing them next week. Clean up room, turn off light, lock door etc!

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