Population/Setting/Length: Ages 8 - Teens, Boys and Girls Club, Summer Camp, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 6/27/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding


  • Belly Breathing – with one student leading with the Hoberman sphere and another counting. Give the other children an opportunity to give both individuals compliments.


  • Chair 15 (without chairs) – Lead the group with this flow. Start and end by feeling grounded in our mountain pose.
  • Warrior II – Feel the earth beneath us in our pose.
  • Star – Expand your body on your mat. Feel the ground beneath your feet.
  • Star Circle/Galaxy – Come together with one another to connect and feel each other in our galaxy supporting one another, depending on one another for support.
  • Tree Circle – Once again come together using one another for support, while feeling our tree grow from the ground through our feet and legs, all the way into our hands and our forest together. Focus on stability.
  • Trust Walk – Listen to one another as you guide each other around safely. Talk about how we felt being led and how it felt to be the leader.
  • Shoulder Clock – Find another friend about your height. Work together to make your hands/arms slowly rotate behind you, always feeling the ground beneath your feet.


  • Child’s Pose – Feel your back rise and fall as you feel the safety of the ground beneath you.
  • Hug Knees – on back – give yourself a nice hug on the ground.
  • Twist – on back – Allow your body to relax into this pose on each side.
  • Progressive Relaxation – Really focus on each body part and let each part relax onto the mat/ground. Finally feel completely relaxed onto the safety of the mat.

Instructor:  Sarah Knudsen

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