Population/Setting/Length: Ages 8-12, Community Mental Health Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 11/5/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Materials/Resources: Have kids enter room with calm, beautiful music playing or gentle drum beat and have a natural object waiting for them on their mat, either a crystal, rock, or leaf, small twig flower from outside.


  • Belly Breathing seated with Hoberman Sphere – Leader pauses between inhale and exhale.
  • One minute of silence – Have kids imagine they are on a walk up to a very still lake and they notice there is a deer drinking water.  They want to get very close, but they don’t want the deer to notice them approaching.  (Idea borrowed from Lynnea’s class plan) Imagine what they might do to stay very calm and quiet.  Some volunteers share with class and we recommend they try to imagine doing this while participating today.
  • Mindfulness- tune into five sensese as well as stillness/growth – Have kids look at their natural object, feel it, notice color, texture, temperature, and raise their hand to describe what they notice.  Remind them for that to be created in the natural world, it had to be very still (and changing/growing) for a long time, and focus only on becoming itself. Use imagery of seed and on being and becoming throughout class.

Instructor:  Batinah Dawdy

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