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Instructor: Kim Buller

Community: Ages 8-11, Setting?, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: February 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • First part of Mat 20:
    • Belly Breathing – Listen to your breath as you relax onto your mat. You may notice other sounds around you, but try to focus on listening to your breath as you notice how your body is feeling.
    • Pulse Count – Focus on listening to your heart beat as you count your pulse.
    • Leg Stretch – What is your body telling you about how flexible you feel today? Notice how that flexibility may be different with each leg.


  • Middle part of Mat 20:
    • Rock and Roll – Enjoy that feeling of massage on your spine as you rock back and forth. Going to hold in boat pose on our 4th roll.
    • Boat
    • Volcano Breath – Repeat 4 times. On our 5th breath, take a moment to listen to your heart, think of someone or something you would like to send your heart thoughts to. Give opportunity to share.
    • Sun Salutation (middle section) – Listen to the beat of the drum. Hold the pose for 4 beats and then 4 beats to move into the next pose. Lead through once and then ask for volunteer to lead. Have children give compliments to the leader.
    • Tree – Imagine wind blowing in the trees and listen to what it might be telling you as you stay firmly rooted into the ground.


  • Last part of Mat 20:
    • Twist – Feel your body calm and energized and your heart open as you twist on your mat. Switch sides.
    • Belly breathing – Return to listening to your breath and enjoy your body feeling relaxed as you focus on your belly rising and falling with your breath.
  • Changing Channels – Going to focus on listening to the different thoughts and stories we often hear in our head. Then we will practice changing the channels on what we hear in order to bring a sense of calm and strength when we want to shift our attention to positive and healthy thoughts. Practice changing 4 times. Talk about when this tool might be helpful.
  • Compliment Circle (closure for this particular group) – As we focus on listening to the compliments of others, allow yourself to experience how good it feels to hear those words.

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