Instructor: Mindy Brown

Community: Ages 7-10, 30-40 minutes

Plan Creation Date: November 12, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman Sphere – Leader chooses number of breaths. Focus on feeling your chest expand out and in. Listen to our bodies and start releasing the tensions of the day.
  • Listen – Think of a happy thought, you would like to send someone today. Or yourself. Take this time to give yourself a compliment. I am strong, I am grounded. I feel centered.


  • Upward Mountain – Stretch and feel the strength in your shoulders. Connect to the earth. You are a mighty mountain. Open your chest for a deeper breath. Lift head and belly, then your heart. Feel your spine lengthening.
  • Dancer – Focus on your body. Try to balance on your left with eyes open. Try with eyes closed. Switch legs. Each time, lengthen your holding time. While holding your leg, raise your opposite arm. Stretch your arm. Use positive self talk, I am strong, I am confident I can be a dancer. Try closing your eyes. Tell yourself, you are strong.
  • Eagle – Imagine you are an Eagle. You are perched in your tall pine tree. You are getting ready to fly. Cross your left knee and hug your right knee tightly. Bend your left elbow under your right elbow in front of your heart. Spread your arms, lift your leg and bend forward. You are soaring through the sky. What do you see. Focus on the beautiful big sky.
  • Downward Dog – Activate your shoulders, straighten your legs, raise your hips. Feel your muscles connecting to your bones in each part of your body. Point fingers, stretch each one out. Keep arms straight and breath in and slowly breath out.
    Repeat each pose.


  • Forward Bend – Fell the stress and tension move out of your body when you bend over. Touch the floor with your fingers. Inhale deep lift your head, and your heart. Exhale back down.
  • Volcano Breath – Our bodies are strong and grounded. Hands to our hearts.

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