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Instructor: Aria Fiat

Community: Ages 6-9, Autism and ADHD Boys Group, Setting?, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 14, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – with Breathing Ball – offer both boys the chance to lead w/ Hoberman sphere.
  • Pulse Count – predict how pulse will change after movement and relaxation.


  • Discuss – “Who are your favorite strong superheroes? How can you be strong like them? Who can help you to be strong?”
  • Woodchopper – “find your superhero strength and chop that imaginary wood”.
  • Upward Mountain/Crescent Moon –“charge up your body – how does that feel? ”
  • Forward Bend –“press your feet into the floor/make your legs firm as tree trunks”.
  • Cat/Cow –“press your hands into the floor/charge up your arms/open your heart”.
  • Alt. Arm/Leg Kicks –“shoot imaginary lightening bolts through your fingers & toes”.
  • Superman – “find power in your core/reach your arms & legs like superman”.
  • Downward Dog – “think about who you want to be strong for”.
  • Star – “starting from your feet, activate your legs/shine through your arms”.
  • Warrior II – “find your strong inner warrior”.


  • Breathing Ball w/ Compliments Game
  • Relaxation – Superhero-themed guided relaxation

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