Instructor: Joan Bellontine

Community: Bodyworks, ages 6-8

Plan Creation Date: September 12, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – with Hoberman Sphere – Volunteer comes up and holds sphere, 10 breaths
  • Volcano Breath – Feel the breath coming up from inside you, like lava. Bring it up and over your body. . Each time you complete a breath, you become stronger.


  • Mountain Pose – You are a very large, still, and strong mountain.. shoot laser beams through your fingers and ground four corners of feet into earth below you.
  • Star Pose – Firm your legs and arms as strong as you can.. Use your strong voice. What does your strong star have to say??
  • Activate/relax walk – Walk very softly to the soft quiet music. When music stops, activate into star pose.
  • Triangle Pose – You are strong in your triangle? Have them work in partners and have one blow on the other..
  • Warrior 1 – You are a strong warrior. Who are you protecting?
  • Warrior 2 – Keep arms and legs strong and hold pose.. send heart thoughts to the person you are protecting.. Who protects you?
  • Side Angle – Stand firmly in your legs and hold for 5 breaths. (have one student lead and give compliments when finished)


  • Roots – find your center…
  • Child’s pose – While relaxing in child’s pose, find your center again.. where is it now??
  • Relaxation/visualization – When do you need to be strong for someone else? Who would you like to be strong for? Imagine yourself carrying the person you want to be strong for.. Where are you taking them? What would they say about you helping them? How does it feel to be strong for someone?

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