Instructor:  Kirsten Jamieson

Community: Ages 6-10, 6 children, Home Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: December 12, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Props/Music/Resources Required: CD, CD Player, Lavender eye pillows

Lesson Plan:


  • 30 seconds quiet listening – keep your body as quiet and still as you can.
  • Belly Breathing – lying down – place your hands flat on your belly. Breath in and feel your tummy rising as you fill it with a wave of air. When you exhale feel the wave of air washing slowly back out and your tummy gently falling. Try and relax all the rest of your muscles even more each time you breath out. Breath slowly just like wave of water as it slowly moves up the shore and gradually flows back toward the ocean again. X 6 breaths
  • Rocking up to sitting
  • Volcano Breath – with Heart thoughts – with time to share thoughts


  • Mat 20 – from Mountain to Mountain X 3- two student led – Imagine you are a beautiful strong mountain that has stood still and strong for thousands of years. – compliments
  • Tree – See yourself as a great, strong oak tree that has stood ever so still and firm and quiet in the forest for hundreds of years becoming steadier and taller, being a part of the forest life that is all around you. Spread down through your roots and lift up to the sky extend to the tips of your branches.
  • Dancer – hold for 5 breaths each side. Press into all 4 corners of the standing foot. Make the standing leg strong. Lengthen up through the extended arm. Focus your eyes on a spot ahead of you to help with your balance. Try and be strong but light, like a dancer.
  • Trust Walk/Sensory Adventure – compliments


  • Twist
  • Relaxation – It is a beautiful, calm day. The sun is shining. It is late in the spring and there are brightly colored and lovely smelling flowers and blossom and new sprouting leaves on the trees. The grass is soft and the earth beneath it warmed by the sun. You decide to stretch out on your tummy on the grass. The warmth spreads up from the earth into your feet and legs, your tummy and chest and your arms and your whole body begins to relax and your muscles soften. Out of the corner of your eye you spot an unusual butterfly. It is unlike any other you have seen before, imagine it’s colors, size and the shape of it’s wings.It is fluttering about very close to you. It lands on a leaf and it’s wings move softly in the breeze. You wish it would come and land on you. You stay as still and quiet as you can. You breath slowly and evenly as you wait patiently and soon it comes to land on the back of your hand. You can hardly feel it there but up close it is even more beautiful. It stays a short moment and then flies off. You smile and close your eyes and relax back on to the warm grass. Imagine the gentle buzzing spring sounds around you and breath in the bright, fresh spring air.

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