Community: 5-9 Years Old

Session #3: Strength

Instructor: Kathy Flaminio

Plan Creation Date: 3/10/09

Lesson Plan:

Duration: 45 minutes


  • Mats
  • Name Cards
  • Mindful Snack
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Hoberman sphere
  • CD


  1. Welcome: Strength – What keeps you strong? When do you feel strong? Have children share this. Today we are going to explore what it means to be strong in our bodies, minds and hearts.
  1.  Breathing: With Sphere
  1. Pulse Rate with Distracters: How did you stay focused and strong in not being distracted? Share.
  1.  Volcano Breath: Send out thoughts to someone who is strong or helps you stay strong. Share.
  1.  Mat Flow: Middle section from standing in mountain poses. Feel your feet rooted in the earth and strength in your legs. Lightness in your upper body. Holding the poses for 8 counts.
  1. Warrior 1: Find your strength in this pose. Close your eyes and feel your inner strength.
  1.  Woodchopper: Let go of any thoughts that are not helpful to you, thoughts that weaken you, thoughts that take away from your strength. Share examples.
  1.  Mountain Pose/Tree: Tree Circle – Imagine the person or thing that you sent thoughts to in volcano breath activity holding your foot down and supporting you. Now use the support of your friends to help you become more stable.
  1.  Lower to the floor and massage back and spinal twist.
  2. Relaxation story highlighting strength.
  3. Compliments
  4. Mindful Snack

Snack assignment for next week.

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