Population/Setting/Length: Ages 5-12, School Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 11/3/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening


  • Chime – ring chime, ask students to give me a thumbs up when they don’t hear the chime anymore

  • Student Chime – have a student ring chime and rest of students give thumbs up when they can’t hear it anymore

  • Compliments – students give person ringing chime 3 compliments.
  • Belly Breathing – with Hobberman Sphere – While sitting, students will put their hands on their bellies, breathe into their belly so their hands go up and down with break like waves in the ocean

. Student Leader with Hobberman

. Compliments.
  • Back Breathing – one student takes child’s pose, other student breathes slowly into the low back and into the partner’s hands

  • Seated Pulse Count


  • Child’s Pose – extend arms out in from of you, bring bottom to feet.
  • Twist – keep shoulders on mat, swing knees to one side.
  • Back Breathing – with partner.
  • Shoulder Clock – with partner lift arms straight up and place palms together move like clock.
  • Partner Pull – hold each other’s wrist, pull back.
  • Archetype Game – spread out in squatting position, grow into statue, move the way statue would.


  • One Minute Exploration – visualizing a personal goal.
  • Relaxation Story

Katie Berg

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