Population/Setting/Length: Ages 5-12, School Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 9/18/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community


  • Chime – ring chime, ask students to give me a thumbs up when they don’t hear the chime anymore

  • Student Chime – have a student ring chime and rest of students give thumbs up when they can’t hear it anymore

  • Compliments – students give person ringing chime 3 compliments.
  • Belly Breathing – with Hobberman Sphere – While sitting, students will put their hands on their bellies, breathe into their belly so their hands go up and down with break like waves in the ocean

. Student Leader with Hobberman

. Compliments.
  • Volcano Breath – feet hip width part, palms at heart, slowly breath through nose while bringing the arms up, when arms are up pause breath, then exhale and slowly “explode volcano” (Send heart thoughts).


  • Compliment Game – Form circle, hold yarn, one person comes into the center of the circle, the others give that student compliments, practice eye contact, use name, give specific compliments

  • Trust Walk – Demonstrate with student hook fingers with another student lead them around room, stand in line facing each other, one side clothes their eyes, the other go pick a student to lead, switch
  • Back Drawing – Sit in circle, place hands on back of person in front of you, make it rain, refer to book.


  • Woodchopper – chop wood say “ha”.
  • Boat Ride – read script.

Katie Berg

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