Instructor: Janina Haug

Community: Ages 5-10, Lifetime Fitness setting

Plan Creation Date: February 27, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Lesson Plan:

I have used parts of this lesson plan in a Kids Class at Lifetime Fitness with kids in age range from 5-10. It would be appropriate for any level of experience and great for before a hard day of work/before test.

Class Intention: to have children get jitters out, bring some positive thoughts/vibes to front of brain and to get a little anxiety out of their minds.

Setting the Tone: bring out yoga basket, materials, play some soft music. Bring children to large area area of classroom, where they each have their own space and if possible room for a mat of some sort.


  • Breath Work – Belly Breathing on back, pulse counts
  • Opening Remarks – Today we are going to work hard during Yoga, because you are all capable, strong and smart.


  • Yoga-Based Activities – Do the Yoga Calm Mat 20 (pg. 158-159).
  • Social/Emotional Activities – Archetype Game


  • Relaxation – One Minute Exploration: think of a time you wanted to be someone you were not. Why did you want to be like that person/thing? What are some things you have in common and differences with this person/thing. Share ideas/thoughts

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