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Instructor: Theresa Tuma

Community: Ages 4-5, School/Classroom Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: March 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Class Intention (how to set therapeutic tone): Big picture of the moon on SMARTboard, nighttime music playing, bucket of ‘moonsand’ in middle of rug dumped on a cookie tray,

Lesson Plan:


  • Breath Work – (volcano, sphere, bean bag on belly) – Belly Breathing with hoberman sphere, like a moon rising into the sky. Each child could grab a clump of moon sand and squeeze it on the inhale, release in their palm on the exhale.
  • Opening Remarks (set expectations-book, flower, picture from nature, story telling with eyes closed) (How will students feel during this? What topic are we talking about?) – What is calming about the night? What do we see in the sky? Imagine the stars, moon and dark sky as we go through yoga. Think about having special moon beams coming out of your arms and legs as we do yoga today.


  • Yoga-Based Activities (5-8 poses)
    • Roots – moon beam activators
    • Rise up Volcano Breath
    • Tree Pose
    • Dancer Modified
    • Eagle (spaceship soaring)
    • Downward Dog (space ship landed)
    • Child’s Pose as moon rock
  • Social Emotional Activities (how do we feel, what did we notice?) – Back Drawing – p.62 **give options for if you are not comfortable with someone touching your back. How do we touch others-no tickling, no hurting – (story about moon, outer space and spaceship)
  • Discussion – (reflect) Did we like the game? Was it difficult? Fun? What did you like about back drawing? Touch moon sand as sharing


  • Relaxation – (prepare students for the rest of their day-what is the schedule? How can we remember what we have learned?) – Close eyes imagine rocket ship dropping us back off in our room to get ready for snack and morning centers.

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