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Instructor: Theresa Tuma

Community: Ages 4-5, School/Classroom Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: March 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Class Intention (how to set therapeutic tone): Orchid in middle of circle, children sitting around it in a circle, relaxation cd, calm voice for me, have them close their eyes and imagine they are a tiny seed growing into a big orchid with strong roots. voice

Lesson Plan:


  • Breath Work – (volcano, sphere, bean bag on belly) – Belly Breathing with Hoberman sphere – like an orchid opening and closing. A child may help with the counting and another may hold the sphere.
  • Opening Remarks (set expectations-book, flower, picture from nature, story telling with eyes closed) (How will students feel during this? What topic are we talking about?) – observe flower and show how orchid roots come above the ground and also go below the ground – how do we treat living things? – what does a flower need to grow? What do you need to grow? – how do we treat things and people we care about?


  • Yoga-Based Activities (5-8 pose)
    • Child’s Pose – seed in dirt
    • Cobra (seed starting to grow)
    • Dolphin (starting to come out of the ground)
    • Arm Swings – petals growing
    • Dancer Modified
    • Chair (full grown flower, fingers reaching toward sunlight)
    • Downward Facing Dog (going back into ground for winter)
    • Child’s Pose (back to being a tiny seed, waiting for summer)
  • Social Emotional Activities (how do we feel, what did we notice?) – Harassment Prevention – p. 117 – which voice says stop? What kind of body language?
  • Discussion – (reflect) Did we like the game? Was it difficult? Fun? Pass ball around and say how we can show people we mean STOP.


  • Relaxation – (prepare students for the rest of their day-what is the schedule? How can we remember what we have learned?) – Guided Relaxation – journey of someone doing something we don’t like, choose how you calmly and firmly say stop. What does your body look like when you mean stop?

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