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Instructor: Theresa Tuma

Community: Ages 4-5, School/Classroom Setting, 30 minutes

Plan Creation Date: March 1, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Class Intention (how to set therapeutic tone): Quiet music, kids in a circle on the rug, photo of cat in middle of rug

Lesson Plan:


  • Breath Work – (volcano, sphere, bean bag on belly) – Explain a cat is a sneaky animal and today we are going to breath like a cat taking a nap. They take deep/calm breaths when they are taking a nap. Do volcano breath that is student led.
  • Opening Remarks (set expectations-book, flower, picture from nature, story telling with eyes closed) (How will students feel during this? What topic are we talking about?) – Talk about sneaky animals we have read about in stories (fox in gingerbread man, mouse that tricked lion to escape in fable ‘lion and mouse’) Close your eyes and imagine a time you had to be sneaky. Were you playing a game like hide and go seek?


  • Yoga-Based Activities (5-8 poses)
    • Child’s Pose
    • Cat/cow
    • Tree
    • Tree Challenge p. 92
    • Arm Swings
    • Shoulder Clock
    • Cobra
    • Child’s Pose
  • Social Emotional Activities (how do we feel, what did we notice?) – p. 124 – Trickster Game – Used ‘sneaky music’ that gets louder and faster as it goes on. The students have to sneak from tape spot to tape spot in the room being sneaky. Demo how to sneak safely. When the music completely stops, they need to come back to the circle. Questions p. 125.
  • Discussion – (reflect) Did we like the game? Was it difficult? Fun? When is a time you have been sneaky? A surprise party, a gift for mom and dad. Talk about good/fun sneaky vs. unsafe sneaky.


  • Relaxation – (prepare students for the rest of their day-what is the schedule? How can we remember what we have learned?) – Story about a sneaky tiger that hid all day but then realized he wanted friends so he stopped hiding and made friends with other tigers.

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