Instructor: Emily Mehr

Community: Ages 4-5, Preschool Setting, 45-60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: April 15, 2016

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  •  Chime – Use this to start the class and “Open our ears.” Students will wave their hand while they can hear the chime to mimic the vibration of the chime. When they can no longer hear the chime, they will silently give a “thumbs up.” Once the chime has stopped, take a silent moment to see what we can hear now that we have opened our ears, as opposed to before we started.
  • Belly Breathing – with Breathing Ball: As a group decide how many breaths to take. Each child will get a chance to lead, and then gently pass the ball to the next person. Emphasize that we are working together to “open our lungs” and when it’s not their turn, they can be following along and using their hands and pretend to be holding the ball.
  • High 5 Breathing – Breathe together as a group, when finished, turn to neighbors and give them a “High 5.”


  • Mountain Pose – Stand tall and strong like a mountain
  • Roots – Send your roots down into the ground and sway in the breeze like a tall, old tree.
  • Tree – Send your roots even deeper into the ground and grow your branches. Who is living in your branches? Birds? Squirrels? A bird’s nest?
  • Tree Circle – Try Tree Pose again, but this time use your neighbors to help you balance. Is it easier or harder to do tree pose when we’re alone or working together? How does it feel to help your friends be strong and sturdy? Do you like helping each other out? Is it important to work together?


  • Compliment Game – Each person will take a turn stepping into the circle and practice receiving compliments from their peers. To help facilitate this activity, we will use the “Compliment Frog” which helps with sharing, listening to peers, and taking turns.
  • Guided Relaxation Story – Use frog animals as tools to help with deep breathing and calm bodies. Story will be about friends/family that make each child feel happy, comfortable, and loved. At the end we will have time to share who makes each child feel happy. Who is somebody that you introduced to your frog?

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