Population/Setting/Length: Ages 4-10, Kids Program at a Church, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 8/14/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening


  • Belly Breathing – with one student leading with the Hoberman sphere and another counting. Give the other children an opportunity to give both individuals compliments, practicing our listening skills with eye contact and acknowledgement (Thank yous).
  • Arm Swings – while repeating the Yoga Calm Guidelines, sending each one out with our breath: “Iam strong, I am in control, I can do it, I can be responsible”


  • Roots – Close your eyes and feel the earth beneath your feet as you circle.
  • Upward Mountain – Imagine we are grabbing seeds to be planted.
  • Forward Bend – plant the seeds at our feet.
  • Mountain – wait and listen for the seeds to grow as we feel the strength of the sun’s rays and the water from rain.
  • Tree Pose – Feel our bodies grow into trees.
  • Chair 15 – (without chairs) – Lead the children in this flow while emphasizing taking each pose where it feels right in our body, listening to ourselves and our abilities.
  • Trust Walk – Really listen with your body and pay attention to the person you are leading. Help make them feel safe as you lead them around the room. If you are being led and do not feel safe, make it be known. Talk about how we felt when we were led around afterwards.


  • Knee Circles – While giving our knees a hug, make nice gentle circles with our knees, listening to our bodies, trying to go at whatever speed our bodies need in each direction.
  • Twist – on the ground – listen to our bodies as we prepare to relax.
  • Final Relaxation – Relax on our mat while listening to the song, How to Be a Cloud by Kira Willey.

Instructor:  Sarah Knudsen

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