Instructor: Anita Lamour

Community: Ages 3-9, Fitness Club Setting, 60 minutes

Plan Creation Date: August 27, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Words: When I’m centered I radiate creative energy

Lesson Plan:

Intro: Block creek while waiting for all to arrive


  • Art – Glue yarn to paper plate in sun design, glue stick foil on top. Rub it in, feel bumpy yarn underneath. Set aside.
  • Belly Breathing – on back- Stick yourself to the floor with your imaginary gluestick. Feel belly rise and fall.
  • Leg Extensions/Foot Circles – with a leader.


  • Leg Extensions – with a curl up-inhale to roll down, exhale to curl up. Compliments for leader.
  • Rock and Roll – imagine you are a big, heavy boulder, roll to plank.
  • Plank, Cobra, Dog, Forward Bend
  • Warrior Flow – New leader.
    • Mountain – Glue your feet to the floor. Wear your crown!
    • Volcano Breath – Do 3 rounds of Volcano Breath-imagine breath rising up from deep inside the volcano.
    • Star – step to the right, shine out!
    • Warrior II – bend your right knee. Anchor your back foot to the mat. Stretch arms like tug of war rope.
    • Warrior I – Reach up for the stars.
    • Lightning Bolt Pose – bow forward and reach back. Make lightning shoot from fingers.
    • Star
    • Mountain – Step to Mountain at front of mat.. Repeat on left side. Compliments, change leader.
    • Repeat flow and add Eagle – Compliments, change leader.
    • Repeat flow and add Tree. Hold each ending pose eight counts. Focus on breath. Notice feet, legs, press down, feel body lift up.
  • Partner Pull – Imagine you are making a strong, mighty Mackinac Bridge. Keep your back level so cars and truck can drive across!


  • Belly Breathing – on back.
  • Bridge
  • Floor Twist
  • One-Minute Relaxation – Feeling sunshine on your legs, arms and face.
  • Closing – As time permits, color suns with bright color sharpie markers.


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