Instructor:  Vicki Lunghofer

Community: Ages 3-5, preschoolers, Child Care Center Setting, 30-45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 13, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:


  • Belly Breathing – (p 63) demonstrate with Hoberman Sphere with children seated on floor. ( 5-6 times) Allow each child to do Hoberman Sphere with close supervision for 2 breaths. Rest of children say words “breathe in” “Breathe out”. Praise children’s efforts
  • Pulse Check – Talk about how when we relax or slow down our body adjusts. Attempt teaching to feel pulse. We need to have stillness in order to listen to our bodies
  • Story – Do story with children (No Matter What) Discuss how “little” had problems with remaining calm when upset.


  • Roots – (p85) focus on concept of stillness- even though moving slightly, feet remain still and planted to ground. Do for about 2 minutes.
  • Tree – Practice doing tree pose (p91) Modify as needed per children’s ages and capacity. Praise children’s efforts.
  • Activate/Relax Activity – Do “Activate/Relax Walk” (p 58) Talk about difference between being “soft and loose” and “stiff or activated” talk with children about being still when they go to “freeze and firm” position. Do for about 2 minutes. Have 1 child give commands after 1st minute. Compliment the child who led the last minute.
  • Volcano Breath – Do volcano breath (p97). After several repetitions have a child lead the exercise. Praise child for their efforts.
  • Forward Bend – Do forward bend (p76). Focus on slow breathing. Do for about 1 minute.
  • Mountain/Upward Mountain/Crescent Moon – Move into mountain pose (p 79) then upward mountain and crescent moon(p 96). After several repetitions have children take turns leading this segment. Praise their efforts
  • Block Creek – Do block creek (p 64) Focus on doing the walk slowly and standing straight with head held high. Children will take turns doing this. Praise their efforts and encourage those who are following directions


  • Child’s Pose – (p70). Focus on slow deep breaths in and out and keeping their body still and not moving This is transition activity to relaxation or calming
  • Pinwheel Breathing – Sitting on floor, lead children in Pinwheel breath (p 81) about 1 minute. Alternate breathing as slow as possible and then speed up.
  • Child’s Pose/Relaxation Pose – Have children lay on backs in relaxation pose or kneeling children’s pose
  • Relaxation/Changing Channels – Lead in short relaxation practice focus on various body parts, breath in and breath out, relax and soften. Do changing channels (p 108). (5 minutes total)

(I feel that due to the age of the children, I have to do short segments of multiple activities in order to keep their attention.)

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