Instructor:  Vicki Lunghofer

Community: Ages 3-5, preschoolers, Child Care Center Setting, 30-45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: January 13, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening

Lesson Plan:


  • Introductions and setting rules/limits – Take turns. Listen to instructions. Respect everyone’s space. Have fun
  • Belly Breathing – (p 63) demonstrate with Hoberman Sphere with children seated on floor. ( 5-6 times)- Allow each child to do Hoberman Sphere with close supervision for 2 breaths. Rest of children say words “breathe in” “Breathe out”. Praise children’s efforts
  • Pulse Check – Talk about how when we relax or slow down our body adjusts. Talk about listening to your body. Attempt teaching to feel pulse
  • Story – Read book with students: “My Many Colored Days”


  • Activate/Relax Activity – Do “Activate/Relax Walk” (p 58) Talk about difference between being “soft and loose” and “stiff or activated” Do for about 1 minutes. Have 1 child give commands after 1st minute. Compliment the child who did the leading.
  • Archetype Game – Do variation of Archetype Game. Instead of calling out archetypes will refer to story on feelings and each character for them to imitate in walking. Do for about 2 minutes. Then have children take a turn leading for a feeling word. Compliment the children.
  • Volcano Breath – Do Volcano breath(p 97) for about 1 minutes
  • Roots – (p85) focus on concept of listening to your body. Feel your feet, all 4 corners of your foot is steady on the ground- even though moving slightly, feet remain still and planted to ground. Do for about 2 minutes.
  • Star Pose – Move into Star pose (p 88). Talk about feeling your body and muscles as they activate their muscles. Do for about 30 seconds, then relax arms. Then have a student lead. Compliment student after 30 seconds
  • Warrior II – Move into Warrior II ( p 99). Take time to go through alignment of the pose and focus on feeling their body. Can also describe as surfing (based on children’s take on the pose)Do for 1 minute. Relax. Then student led activity for 1 minute. Compliment student.
  • Block Creek – Do Block Creek (p 64) Children learn to take turns Emphasize doing this slowly. Praise children’s efforts


  • Child’s Pose – Lead children in Child’s pose (p 95) Focus on breathing and relaxing . Do with children emphasizing being calm and relaxed after doing the exercise
  • Pinwheel Breathing – Have children sit on mats or chairs, lead children in Pinwheel Breath for about 1-2 minutes
  • Child’s Pose/Relaxation Pose – Have children either lay on back in relaxation pose or seated child’s pose.
  • Relaxation/Changing Channels – Lead children in short focused relaxation exercise, breath in and breathe out, relax and soften. Do Changing Channels exercise (p 108) Demonstrates that feelings are temporary

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