Instructor:  Vicki Lunghofer

Community: Ages 3-5, preschoolers, Child Care Center Setting, 30-45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: October 30, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Pulse Check – Teach how to feel pulse (p83) Is it fast or slow? Give them time to try this
  • Belly Breathing – (p 63) demonstrate with Hoberman Sphere with children seated on floor. ( 5-6 times)- -Most likely initially will need then go to supine position with a small stuffed toy on child’s abdomen so they can focus on moving the stuffed toy up and down.( about 7 breaths) Will practice this way until children develop abdominal breathing skills
  • Pulse Check – Have them feel for pulse again Is it the same as before we did the breathing or is it different? Ask for feedback from children. Talk about how when we relax or slow down our body adjusts
  • Story – Read short story related to community (most likely We Are One)


  • Roots – Lead in Roots pose (p 85 for 1 minute. Then have a child lead pose for 1 minute. Compliment child for their work.
  • Block Creek – Do Block Creek exercise (P 64) since these are younger children I would have a shorter walk and probably have 2 children doing the walk in proximity to each other) Focus on the fact that they can do this but it requires them to focus and walk slowly. Compliment children on their effort. Do for about 5 minutes
  • Archetype Game – (P 105) variation. Instead of calling out archetypes call our characters from the story. Do for about 5 minutes. Then have 2-3 children take turns calling out someone/something who helps them. Compliment children on their effort


  • Return to seat/mat area
  • Back Drawing – Lead children in Back drawing activity (p62), emphasizing, that they need to ask permission of the person on whose back they will draw, and use gentle touch. Do for about 6 minutes, following script.
  • Child’s Pose – Finish with children in child’s pose (either seated or on mat depending on room arrangement).
  • Relaxation – Focused relaxation, breath in and breath out, relax and soften, read We Are One while children are relaxing.

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