Instructor: Caroline Walkley

Community: Adolescent In-Patient Mental Health

Plan Creation Date: August 6, 2012

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:

Set the Room

  • Lights dimmed, each mat has a different picture of a wolf
  • “Yoga is” – Mind/body connection through the breath
  • Not a competition


  • Your mat is your personal space.
  • This is your class – honor your body and also challenge it.
  • Non-judgmental


  • Strength – choose a strength word from the bowl  (Words:  Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Brave, Family, Friends, Sports, Dance, Health)
  • Say to students, “Today our class is focused on strength – physical, mental and emotional strength.   Wolves are strong, powerful and beautiful animals.  Even though they are physically strong, they are also loving and protective to the members of their pack.  They are strong and also playful.  When you see the wolf on your mat today, you can take on their strength.


  • Pulse/raise hand – p 83 Ask, What might be going on for you if your pulse is high (exercise and also mention when you are anxious or angry)”
  • Belly Breathing – p 63 through nose if possible, explain chest vs belly breath on NS


  • Rock and Roll – p 84 – I always say giggling is optional.  ☺
  • Boat – p 65
  • Forward Bend – from boat roll forward, press hands and feet in mat and come to a forward bend.  Slowly come up to standing.
  • Mountain – p 79 – feet parallel to each other (show pigeon/duck), #11 for feet, lift top of the head to the sky, in Mountain show 4 Corners of feet and hands press hands together.  Language:  This is a position of strength.
  • Stability Test – partners – gently press shoulder from the side with feet together and feet apart
  • Crescent – p 96
  • Wood chopper – p 100 – feet wider than hip width apart, “Huh” from deepest part of belly when hit the imaginary wood
  • SS from Mat Flow (3x with different leaders) – p 158 from Mountain to Mountain – Place the strength word you chose on the front of your mat.  Every time you come to the front of your mat in your Sun Salute, say your word to yourself, bring that intention into your body and make it your own.
  • Compliments for leaders
  • WII – p 99 – heel to heel alignment  – LT leg back first
  • Past, present, future activity – p 119
  • Rising moon – front palm to sky, back hand to back thigh
  • Side angle – p 87
  • Star – p 88
  • Repeat other side WII, Rising Moon, Side Angle, Star, step to front of mat
  • Tree – p 91 – cue gaze – RT foot standing, then LT – Language:  Feel as if your standing leg is as strong and steady as the trunk of a tree rooted into the earth.
  • Tree Circle – p 93
  • Flying Eagle in circle
  • Eagle – p 75 – RT foot standing, swing LT over, LT arm underneath, switch sides
  • Forward Bend – p 76
  • Breathing prone into belly, press relaxation point on forehead into stacked palms– Reading on Strength while on belly – Invite you to say something to yourself about your participation that is positive.
  • Cobra – p71 – press into 4 corners of hands, Language – feel the connection of your body on the mat, lift head and heart
  • Airplane – p 89
  • Bow – p 66
  • Child’s Pose – with side stretch – p 70
  • Twist – p 95 – with cactus arms – ask individually if they would like adjustments
  • Knees to chest – one leg at a time, feet flexed


  • Relaxation Pose
  • Put the strength word on your heart.  You can infuse it into your body during relaxation.  Take the strength into your body while I come around with eye covers.
  • Eye Covers with Lavender if they like the smell
  • Progressive relaxation – p 133 Language:  Strongly contract your muscles
  • Guided Relaxation – I am strong like a wolf.  – Mention all the senses
  • Pulse Count at end

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