Instructor: Karen Larson-Hahn

Community: Adolescent Group, Classroom setting?

Plan Creation Date: February 28, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:

Introduction: What is yoga? Who has done yoga before? What was it like? Connecting body, heart and mind

Yoga Calm Principles: In class we will learn about coming to stillness by finding ways to quiet our mind and our body, listening and tuning into what our body, mind and heart have to say, feeling grounded, safe and connected, ways to feel strong physically and emotionally and experiencing a sense of community by getting to know each other better, having fun and thinking about how we are connected to other people in our lives

Yoga Calm Rules:

  • Treat yourself like a king or queen
  • Respect other’s space and opinions
  • No shoes on the mats
  • When you are having a difficult time, use positive self talk: “I am strong. I am in control. I can do it. I can be responsible.”
  • If you are struggling, instead of saying, “I can’t” say, “I am not ready for that” or “I have not learned that yet.”


Demonstrate breathing techniques

  • Nose breathing
  • Belly breathing – with hoberman sphere
  • Volcano Breath
  • Pulse count


Discuss/demonstrate ways to activate and expand muscles/body

  • Activate/relax walk activity
  • Partner pull
  • Child’s pose
  • Cobra
  • Downward dog
  • Forward bend
  • Volcano
  • Mountain
  • Upward mountain to crescent moon
  • Tree
  • Star
  • Galaxy
  • Activity – Tree circle
  • Discussion – how feels to be supported vs. standing in pose on own. Who supports you in your life?
  • Community circle worksheet/discussion


  • Belly breathing
  • One minute exploration – about how thankful we are for those who help and support us. What can we do to support/help someone else this week?

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