Population/Setting/Length: Adolescent Ages, Boys Group, Treatment Center Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 5/12/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Listening


  • Hoberman Sphere Belly Breathing – Listen as you breathe in and out.  Listen to what your body tells you with each breath you take.  (Use a student leader and another student to count between 5-10 breaths).
  • Pulse Count – Find your pulse.  What does your pulse tell you?  What does it mean for your body?


  • Mountain Pose – Feel how solid and steady you are in this pose.  Imagine a mountain.  It is solid, constant, stable, strong, and constant.
  • Warrior I – Move into Warrior I.  Hold this pose for a count of 10.  Reflect on warriors.  Warriors need to listen, to themselves and to others around them. (Switch sides and repeat).
  • Warrior II – Now, bring your arms out and turn your back foot into Warrior II.  Notice that even though you’ve changed, you are still a warrior, hearing what’s happening around you, still hearing what your body tells you.  (Switch sides and repeat).
  • Mountain Pose – We come back to Mountain Pose as our position of rest, our position of centeredness, listening to our bodies as our bodies settle into that centeredness.
  • Forward Bend – Bend down into forward bend.  Make sure your hands touch the floor, so you will probably need to bend your knees some.  What do you feel?  What are those feelings telling you about your body?
  • Child’s Pose – Fold down into Child’s Pose, resting your hips on your heels and your forehead on your arms.  Take a moment to listen to your body now as we start to slow down to our calming routine.  What is it telling you about how you are doing today?
  • Communication Game – Provide the set-up for the Communication Game.  Rotate through pairs of people illustrating each of the communication categories.  Process reactions after each demonstration.  Talk about how most to all categories need to be used for good communication.  Ask for volunteers to demonstrate this.


  • Twist – Sit on the edge of your chair.  Put your left hand on your right knee.  Gently twist until you feel a slight stretch in your back, using your hand on your knee for leverage.  Take several deep breaths in this position, being sure to sit up straight.  Feel how the breath stretches the back just a little more.  Listen to your body.  If your body says it hurts, you are stretching too far and you need to ease back a little.  (Repeat the other direction)
  • Mindful Moment Card – Listening to your body meditation
  • Discussion – Talk about how important listening is to the communication process.

Instructor:  Stacy Overby

Lesson Goal:  Learning to listen to ourselves

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