Population/Setting/Length: Adolescent Ages, Boys Group, Treatment Center Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: 2/4/16

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding


  • Hoberman Sphere Belly Breathing – Feel the connection to the floor, to the chair.  Feel the steadiness of your seat.  Imagine yourself as unmoving or locked in place.  Feel the solidness of your self in the center of your life, that whatever else changes, you are still steady and stable in your life.
  • Pulse Count – Find your pulse.  Feel the steadiness of your heart beat.  Notice the connection between your mind and your heart.  Feel how the rhythm of your heart beat grounds you within yourself.  Now, count your heart beat for 30 seconds, focusing on the steadiness of your count and your heart beat.


  • Mountain Pose – Feel your connection to the ground.  Feel how solid and steady you are in this pose.  Imagine a mountain.  It is solid, constant, stable.
  • Warrior I – Move into Warrior I.  Hold this pose for a count of 10.  Feel the stability and rootedness in this pose.  Imagine being an unyielding warrior, unable to be moved from the position you take. (Switch sides, transitioning through Mountain Pose, and repeat).
  • Roots – Move back into Mountain pose.  Imagine your feet firmly anchored to the floor.  Start to move in a circle that widens as far as you can go without moving your feet.  Move slowly.  Feel how your body wants to move back to its center.  Start making your circles smaller until you find that center.  Notice again how your body finds its center, that place of rootedness.
  • Chair – Transition through Mountain pose into Chair pose.  Imagine the steadiness and stability you feel when seated.  Recreated that feeling in your pose.
  • Mountain Test – Return to Mountain Pose.  Now, ground yourself.  I am going to try to move you.  Use your grounding to stay steady and strong against that movement.


  • Twist – Sit on the edge of your chair.  Put your left hand on your right knee.  Gently twist until you feel a slight stretch in your back, using your hand on your knee for leverage.  Take several deep breaths in this position, being sure to sit up straight.  Feel how the breath stretches the back just a little more.  Feel the connection to the ground, to your chair, to your stable place.  (Repeat the other direction)
  • Mindful Moment Card – Use the planting a tree Mindful Moment Card.  Ask for students to share their responses after 1-2 minutes, or more as needed based on group response.
  • Discussion – Discuss the physical sensation of grounding.  Solicit responses of how it felt.  Could students find a grounded place?  How did it feel?  Did these physical feelings trigger emotions or memories of other times students felt this way?  Also talk about the connection to relapses.  Mind doesn’t like chaos and uncertainty.  Grounding helps find stability and peace in chaos.  Talk about ways to use one or more of these to ground self in the future.

Instructor:  Stacy Overby

Lesson Goal:  To practice finding a calm, centered place from which to work on therapeutic concepts.

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