Instructor:  Shannon Todd

Community: 6th Grade Classroom

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:

Materials Required: Breathing Ball, Meditation CD, Blinds halfway drawn, door closed


  • Breathing – Students breathe to breathing ball, 10 counts then students breathe volcano breaths 10 counts. Check their pulse for 15 seconds and notice if they can slow it down while breathing out.
  • Students write definition of strength in their journals – physical strength to prevent injury and illness and develop capabilities, competence and self-esteem. Mental strength: to use positive self talk and to respect boundaries and monitor things taken into the body, mind and heart; and emotional strength: the ability to feel, identify and express feelings without harming others.


  • Warrior 1 – Students do warrior 1 pose and share their feeling of strength. Hold for 10 counts.
  • Warrior 2 – Then move to warrior 2 pose activate and hold for 10 counts.
  • Discuss the differences… Which do they feel stronger in and why? How does that relate to certain times or events in life and the position students find them in to discover if they feel strong or vulnerable.
  • Downward Dog/Plank – Move to doing downward dog and then plank. Hold each for 20 counts.
  • Discuss strength involved in these poses. How does it feel going from stretching in downward dog to strength of core in plank. Students discuss.


  • Child’s Pose/Relaxation – Students lie in child’s pose and stretch to relax. Silent listening while they have quiet time with the music.



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