Instructor:  Shannon Todd

Community: 6th Grade Classroom

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:

Materials Required: Breathing Ball, Meditation CD, Yoga Posters, Blinds halfway drawn, door closed


  • Belly Breathing – with breathing ball – 10 counts
  • Mountain Pose – finding their balance – 10 counts
  • Students write in their journals the definition for community – the ability to give and receive support, develop compassion and cooperate with others.


  • Tree – Students again stand and teacher directs them to practice tree pose to count of 20
  • Partner Tree – Then switch to tree pose with a partner. Count of 20.
  • Open discussion for ideas on what other poses would benefit from a friend helping.
  • Tree/Dancer/Eagle – We’ll try a variety of poses (tree, dancer, eagle) alone and with another, pressing hands together to feel community help of each other. End series of each pose with a circle and group doing each pose together


  • Mountain Pose and Upward Mountain Pose – each to a count of 20 then back to mountain.
  • Mountain – While in mountain – students close their eyes and focus on a person who has helped them when they have needed it. Think of how it felt wit that support there. Quietly thank the person in their minds.


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