Instructor:  Shannon Todd

Community: Grades 6 – 7, Classroom Setting

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Stillness

Lesson Plan:

Materials Required: Breathing Ball, Meditation CD, Blinds halfway drawn, door closed


  • Belly Breathing – with breathing ball: 10 breaths; next let a student lead with 10 breaths.  Close your eyes and listen to the stillness around and within you
  • Pulse Count – Students find their own pulse and note its time. Share what heartbeat and pulse means to bring stillness and slowing down pulse.
  • Students write in their journals – Stillness – to quiet your body and mind; to show self control and self-regulation.


  • Mountain – remember the stance of a mountain. No one can knock you over. Five counts of activate and press together – then relax and then repeat
  • Upward Mountain – Students find stillness in their lifted arms
  • Chair Flow 15 – focusing on the stillness of each pose ending back in mountain


  • Relaxation – Student to find a time they were relaxed and still. Was it on the beach, in the sun, at night, early in the morning?
  • Discussion – Students share their reeling of this quiet and still time. Students define stillness in words to each other. Student then will show a quiet pose to the others that means stillness to them.


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