Instructor:  Shannon Todd

Community: 6th and 7th Grade Classroom

Plan Creation Date: May 1, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Grounding

Lesson Plan:

Props/Music Resources: Breathing Ball, Meditation CD, Yoga Stance Posters, Blinds halfway drawn, Door closed


  • Mountain Challenge – Have kids begin Mountain Pose and try to push each other off balance. Discuss importance of finding our roots. Practice this 2-3 times for students to feel strong and grounded. Then quietly have students find their strength in a solid mountain pose in their own space.
  • Students will write definition in their journals for grounding – the ability to connect to the earth, to be present in your body and have a strong sense of physical competence, safety and security with your body.


  • Mountain – Direct students to stand again in Mountain pose and activate their strength by pushing in with their hands and down to the ground with their feet.
  • Tree – Then students will do tree pose – again activating strong roots through their feet and balance with their arms.
  • Chair 15 – Then chair 15 flow and the importance of grounding in each move
  • Direct discussion about what made students feel solid and grounded in the poses. What may feel like that in real life? Ask students to compare when they feel grounded in real life to when they don’t and how the poses can help them.
  • Students define grounding in words to each other.


  • Quietly, on their own, students show the teacher a pose that signifies grounding to them. Hold for 10 counts. Then show a slightly different pose – hold for 10 counts.


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