Instructor:  Anne Geuss

Community: 6 – 8 year olds, community center class

Plan Creation Date: May 27, 2013

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Strength

Lesson Plan:


  • Volcano Breathing – sending strong heart thoughts to someone we want to help, protect or be strong for


  • Yoga Calm Mat 20 – concentrating on being our Strongest self. Letting them know that I’ll be looking for someone who looks like a Strong Leader to come to the front mat for the second set. Followed by compliments about their strength. Talk about the type of strength needed to be a good leader
  • Yoga Pose Challenge – Briefly review Upward Mountain, Star, Crescent Moon, Chair, Plank, and Cobra – Then ask students to choose a challenge to lead: pose and number of beats, giving compliments for anyone/everyone after we’ve completed everyone’s challenges
  • Strong Voice and Harassment Prevention – With students lying on their backs, asking them to find their Strong voice within, noticing where they feel it. Is your strong voice loud or soft? High or Low? What does your Strong voice say? When might you need to use your Strong voice? Discuss and demonstrate Harassment Prevention then have students demonstrate
  • Tree Circle – focusing on our individual strength as well as the group strength and support


  • Warrior I, II and Past Present Future – prompting them to think of those who help them o be strong, and those they are strong for
  • Relaxation – Lying on their backs, imagine a time when you were strong. Where were you? Who else was there? What did you do to show or use your strength? Now can you think of someone who is strong for you? Send them a heart thought, a hug or a thank you for being strong for you. Keeping it calm and relaxed, can you find your strength within you. See if you can notice it without using it. Where do you feel it? It is there for you whenever you need to activate and be strong.

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