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Instructor: Anna Marchio

Community: 3rd Grade Girls Group, School Setting, 45 minutes

Plan Creation Date: March 22, 2015

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Intro – Have girls collect a rock – dedicate this yoga practice to someone in your community that means a lot to you (friend, family member, teacher).
  • Names – “I see you” with light. Introduce names.
  • Chime – Have girls sit in butterfly – ring chime.
  • Belly Breathing – Ask 1 student to hold Hoberman Sphere. Ask another friend to count. Then have girls lay on their backs for belly breathing.
  • Mindful Moment Card – Reading Mindful moment for community.


  • Rock and Roll – While girls lay on their backs – start with rock and roll
  • Yoga Flow:
    • Boat to table top
    • Cat/Cow to child’s pose
    • Child’s pose to tabletop
    • Table top to downward dog step forward bend
    • Mountain to volcano breath
    • Swan dive back down
    • Chair pose to forward bend (raise your heart up and shine through your fingertips to the sky)
    • Step back to downward dog. Downward dog to plank and side plank (both sides).
    • Child’s pose to rest for a few seconds.
    • Child’s pose to cobra. Cobra to downward dog.
    • Step forward and stand into mountain. Volcano breath 2 X
    • Tree pose – both sides
  • Tree Challenge – Find a partner – Challenge tree pose
  • Tree Circle
  • Partner Pull – Now find a different partner and do partner pull in a circle
  • Trust Walk/Sensory Adventure – with a partner – “What were some things that were difficult for the trust walk?” “Was it easier to lead or be lead?” do back drawing since they are a close group of friends.


  • Compliments – Girls will sit in a circle and give each other a compliment about them as a friend, person or something about how they practiced their yoga today.
  • Belly Breathing – Invite girls to lie on their backs. A few deep breaths together.
  • Relaxation – Change music and end with relaxation from Ready, Set, RELAX on page 148 titled a Drawer Full of Memories.

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