Instructor: Megan Lyons

Community: 2nd Grade Classroom, School Setting, 40 minutes

Plan Creation Date: December 5, 2014

Yoga Calm Principle/Lesson Goal: Community

Lesson Plan:


  • Hoberman Breathing – with student leader and counter. Practice giving and receiving compliments with both the leader and counter.


  • Star Take your feet wide apart and take both arms out to the sides. Activate your arm and leg muscles, keeping them strong, hugging them in toward your bones. Expand your arms, radiating outward. Spread your fingers like rays of the sun. Imagine yourself a star shining brightly in the sky.
  • Side Angle (triangle) With students in star position, have them turn their right foot all the way out to the right while keeping their arms and legs very active and strong. Shift upper body to the right moving arms over and placing right hand to the shin or ankle, reaching left arm up to the sky. Two arms stretching in opposite directions. Repeat on left side.
  • Eagle – Bending knees slightly, lift right leg up and cross over left knee. Spread arms out like wings, lift over head, swing them down crossing at elbows and wrists, pointing thumbs toward your nose, place palms of hands together, stretching fingers toward the sky. Repeat on other side. Imagine yourself an eagle in a tall tree getting ready to soar. Bring your arms/wings out and your right leg straight back. We are eagles flying in search of food. Now fly back to your tree by bringing your wings in, cross arms back to starting position.
  • Partner Pull – Pair up and hold each others’ wrist with right hand. Take 2 to 3 steps back from one another and sit back until your back is flat. Gently pull right hip back. Come up together and repeat on other side.
  • Shoulder Clock – Find a partner about the same height as you. Standing next to one another about 2 feet apart, lift inside arms straight up and put palms together. These are the hands of your clock. Begin moving your arms back a little at a time until they end up at your side. Repeat this on the other side. Feel the stretch in both of your shoulders.
  • Friendship/Communication Game – Pass out playing cards to students and have them find their match. This will person will be their partner for the friendship/communication game. Pass out list of questions to each person. Partners will ask one another the questions and record the answers. (What is your favorite color, subject, book, food, holiday? What do you like to do at recess? What do you do after school? Do you play a musical instrument? Do you play sports? Have students think of a question on their own to ask their partner.


  • Forward Bend – Have students sit at their desks and with their arms crossed on desk, place head in arms with eyes closed.
  • Relaxation – Close their eyes and think about people in their community. Who do you see every day? Who helps you every day? Are there people that help with your daily life but you don’t see all the time? How can you show appreciation to the people in your community?


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